Episode 23: Patient Voting, Social Media, and the cautious use of expletives with Dr. Kelly Wong.

I'm joined by Dr. Kelly Wong, a resident physician at Brown in Emergency Medicine. She started an organization, Patient Voting, which helps those hospitalized on election day vote via absentee ballot. We also discuss her experiences with Covid-19 in RI, her attitudes toward social media, and our favorite restaurants in the area.
Read about Dr. Wong’s organization, Patient Voting.
Dr. Wong was interviewed in the NYT.
Follow Dr. Wong on Twitter, you won’t regret it!
Dogs are sniffing out Covid. Though I’m waiting to get excited about it.
If you’d like to mentor a medical student, sign up for Prescribe it Forward.
My favorite restaurants in Providence. They all do takeout!
And Dr. Wong mentioned North, which also does takeout!
Culinary schools are very interesting, should you want a good read. I could have majored in pastry arts. What am I doing with my life?

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